4 Reasons Why a Career as a Plumber Makes Sense

At some point or another, every household will require the assistance of a plumber. That is a fact. When searching for a career opportunity that will provide a consistent flow of employment opportunities, becoming a plumber is towards the top of the list because the necessity to have a trained expert to fix household plumbing issues is never going to subside.

Here are 4 reasons to consider a career as a plumber

Fast Job Growth
If you are looking for fast growth in your job, plumbing is one of the best ways to go about. You can start off as an apprentice. But with some work experience and additional training, you can easily climb up the ladder. Once you have mastered certain skills, you can take on more jobs of greater difficulty. Eventually with proper training and complete mastery of skills, you will head on to supervise your own group of plumbers. When you have acquired a good grasp of the skill set needed in plumbing, you can even think of opening up your own plumbing company, exactly as Matt Zubrinich from RedlineLocating.com.au did.

I’ve always had a flair for doing my own thing. Whilst the appeal of a stable income as an employee for a plumbing company is strong, the appeal of working for myself within my own plumbing business was stronger. After working for a few large companies in my local area for a number of years, I made the decision to start my own plumbing business. I’m glad I did!

By being your own boss, you can handle your own schedule.

High Paying Job
One of the highest paid jobs would be that of a plumber. As you get paid an hourly rate, you can earn a substantial amount on a daily basis. Plumbers get paid a minimum of $20 per hour to as high as $150 per hour, depending on your expertise and the task’s level of difficulty. But make sure to clock in as many hours as you can because your income would be based on the number of clients you serve and how many hours you have worked. So if you are geared with the mindset that you want to earn a lot, getting a lot of clients is the way to go about.

No More Formal Education Required
Becoming a plumber does not require formal education, unlike other occupations. You can work as a plumber without actually undergoing lectures and studying any theoretical concepts. What you really need is hands on training. You can just start by attending an apprenticeship program to get a certification. A different certification is given every time you successfully complete a level of expertise. The best thing about this set up is that you can actually work while studying. You can accept work based on the level you have completed. So the more levels you complete, the higher the level of difficulty when it comes to the type of work you accept.

Wide Variety of Career Options
As plumbing is interrelated to electrical work, you can actually take advanced classes or courses to receive a certification to handle electrical work. Once you have various training under your belt, you will be able to handle more work other than plumbing, giving you more career options. As plumbing is a flexible career, you can do other things on the side, like writing, photography or other freelance work. Plumbing will not tie to just one career option or path. That way you will be able to explore a lot of career fields and grow as an individual.

Becoming a plumber make sense, consider it!

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