New Career Ideas: 10 Articles to Help You Change Careers

I know it’s hard when you hate your job or are stuck in a situation where you want a new career path. We all run into times when you have been doing the same job for a couple of years and realize that it’s not the career choice for you and out of impulse you want an instant change. We all know that story, but the reality behind it is that you need a plan of action, ideas and steps to take to help you on the change. You never know if you pick a career that needs more schooling than you’re interested in or worse yet you hate the new job more than your last. Although funny as that may be, it’s an unforeseen situation if proper measures aren't taken to lay out the transition; I've taken the time to research some articles on changing careers and made the following list. Take a look at the different ideas and approaches and use this as a starting point to change paths with direction.

Cherry Douglas over at

​“You may think that you have no ideas, but in fact most people can define some broad themes for what they want from a new career, so on this page I have listed a range of jobs according to some typical categories that career changers identify. I have selected 20 in each category, but of course there are many, many more.”

John Williams at

  “First If you’re in the “Don’t know what I want to do” camp, then you need to know this: thinking (and, for that matter, researching) will only take you so far. The simple truth is that you don’t work out what you enjoy by thinking about it, you find out by doing it. It’s experience that enables you to make a career decision. Anything else is an empty guess.”           

Dan over at

“You know those days at work where it’s like you’re caught in some sort of time-warp? You end up having this conversation in your head:

“How long has it been since I last looked at the clock?” “Probably about an hour… maybe less…” “Yeah, probably an hour. But I’ll guess 45 minutes just to be safe…” *Looks at clock*“28 SECONDS!!! That can’t be right! Universe, why do you HATE me?!?

“Before you even begin looking for a new career, take some time to write down the things you love about your current job. Maybe you are excellent at organizing or perhaps writing newsletters and company emails has become your favorite part of the job”

“50 years ago, we couldn’t have imagined a career that involved playing with human DNA, taking 3D images of internal organs, or sending 140-character messages out to an online audience of millions. But today, these are the jobs of the future, and some of the most exciting fields to get into.”

“Even though I’d only spent a couple of years in the wrong career (as opposed to decades), I still felt downright sick at the thought of all that wasted time, effort, and money.

Not just my time and money, but that of all the people who helped me along the way.

I’ll admit that it left me bitter for a while, but I eventually saw that it wasn’t wasted time. I had gained valuable knowledge and expertise that actually helped me in the pursuit of my dream job. I just had to reframe my prior experiences.“

“Statistics show that between 70-80 percent of jobs secured are found through the hidden job market, but many people don’t know what that is much less how to effectively leverage it”

“Feedback from a career coach or guide can be just as valuable as that from our personal contacts. A career professional worth their salt will ask you pertinent questions and listen to the answers, before giving you constructive feedback. They will discuss your whole life with you, which helps you to recall any hobbies, strengths and interests from different stages in your life that you may have forgotten about.”

Karen at

“I enjoy design and I’ll probably do it for quite some time, but I doubt it will be my last career. I want to get better not just as a designer – but as a writer, a programmer, a marketer, a musician, a dancer. I see incredibly talented people around me in all these areas. They make me feel insecure about my own abilities but they also show me what’s possible. They’re a constant reminder of what is worth working for.”

“You need to establish if it’s the place , the job itself or where you are in your life that you hate. Could you be happy doing your job but somewhere else?”

Hopefully you've found the list to help you in your endeavors, change is not that easy sometimes its all a matter of your attitude. Be positive and enjoy everything ahead!

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