Possible Career Paths in the Telecommunications Industry

The telecommunications industry is vital to every business as it’s needed to reach out to their clients and their own people. If you’re considering a career in this field, there are various positions that you could consider, which have different education and skill requirements, as well as salary range.

Here are some of the available jobs that you can get if you would like to become part of this industry.

Telecommunication Technician

You can be a line and/or equipment installer and repairer or also called a telecommunication technician. Your main role is to set up the line that would go through the customer’s property and the equipment that would be needed by the business in using your company’s telecommunications services, such as telephones, computers and other Internet equipment and devices.

In case there are problems with the system or devices, you’ll also be responsible for troubleshooting and resolving the problem. This career often requires high school diploma with on the job training experience, although there are companies that prefer those with at least an associate degree.  The average salary of a telecommunication technician is $48,000.

Customer Service Representative

You will be the first line of contact of the customers, both new and existing. Duties typically include assisting with their general account concerns and escalating their technical problems to the appropriate department. Customers usually go to the provider’s site to find more about the company and the services offered. However, for further concerns and clarifications, they often talk to a customer service representative. Since you would be talking to people, either via phone, chat or in person, it’s important that you are friendly, patient and polite. You must also be knowledgeable of the services you provide to be of assistance. The average salary for this position is $46,000.

Computer Software Engineer

This role entails the development and creation of new software that would meet or enhance the services needed by the customers. Telecommunications is a continuously evolving industry and you will be one of the key people of the business to be on top of the competition. For instance, BroadConnect Telecom offers cloud based solutions making it possible for users to access their system anywhere they are as you can see at http://www.broadconnectusa.com. The computer software engineers create programs that make this possible and this is the kind of role you will undertake if you’re planning to get into this career. The average pay that you could get for this job is $94,000.

Electronics Engineer

While computer software engineers develop software for the telecommunications company to use for their services, electronics engineer on the other hand builds, enhances and repairs telecommunications equipment or devices like GPS, routers and switches. The salary that you can get for this role can go as high as $105,000.

As mentioned, this industry is continuously evolving, which is why continuing education and training is also needed for you to further advance in your career. There are certifications and trainings that you can find both online and on colleges to help widen your knowledge and skills.

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