Telephone interviews – what are they?

What is a telephone interview? How are they usually performed? How do you make one yourself? We’ve covered telephone interviews in this short informational article.

A telephone interview is an interview performed over the phone. Telephone interviews are most commonly used by employers to do the first round of a job interview, but can also be used to do statistics in social science or by journalists to interview someone remotely.

They greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for an interviewer to go through the first round of a long list of candidates. This means that you should use the telephone interview if you are interested in saving time and not planning to go in detail.

You should always ensure that you do not hire someone solely based on a telephone interview, but only use the interview to screen applicants in order to rule out the most unsuited candidates or to get some simple information.

How to make a telephone interview?

Most employers use the same structure when they are conducting a telephone interview. This greatly reduces the time needed to interview the candidate. This means that – depending on the job – interviewers will prepare 5-20 questions on a variation of topics.

Usually the questions will cover both the merit side of things and the personal side of things. This means that questions regarding both children and husband and degrees could be asked and answered. It is a good idea to get some of the technical details in place when you are conducting the interview.

Conclusion: A simple interview

The telephone interview is a simple interview and a very effective tool to shorten the length of a long list of applicants. Important decisions should not be made solely based on a telephone interview, but in a face to face meeting.


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